Well, we nearly have our list of speakers for LugRadio Live USA 2008 complete – four or five slots are left to fill, and we have had a stack of submitted papers to select from – thanks to all those who submitted papers. Our current speaker list is now:

  • Miguel de Icaza (Mono / Novell)
  • Ian Murdock (OpenSolaris / Sun)
  • Jeremy Allison (Samba / Google)
  • Benjamin “Mako” Hill (FSF)
  • Robert Love (Kernel / Google)
  • Christopher Blizzard (Mozilla)
  • Matthew Garrett (Power Management / Anger)
  • Aaron Bockover (Banshee / Novell)
  • Dan Kegel (Wine)
  • Val Henson (Kernel / Intel)
  • Allison Randal (Perl / Parrot)
  • John Buckman (Magnatune)
  • Danese Cooper (Intel / OSI)
  • Ben Collins (Ubuntu / Former Debian Project Leader)
  • Belinda Lopez (Ubuntu)
  • Aza Raskin (Mozilla / Humanized)
  • Ian McKellar (Songbird)
  • Eddy Mulyono (Packaging)
  • Matthew Walster (demoscene)
  • Christian Hammond (VMWare)
  • Kristen Accardi (kernel hacker)
  • Joe Born (Neuros)

We hope to be opening registration next week, and there will be plenty of perks for people who pre-register. More details soon – make sure to make the 12th and 13th April free in your diary to get along. 🙂

The day I flew home, I went into San Francisco to check out The Metreon with the always incredible Leslie and Cat from Google, and the venue is simply incredible – it is a perfect place for LugRadio Live USA 2008, has a stunning view, and has plenty of room for the talks, exhibitors and BOFs. It is right in the heart of San Francisco, and it is going to be an incredible event. 🙂

I will be announcing the final, complete list of speakers over the next day or so.

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