You know what, it stuns me just what is possible when we all link arms and step forward together.

About a week ago 5-A-Day was launched, and it is kicking some rather serious arse (now…is that seriously kicking arse or kicking an arse that is serious – what would be the form of a serious arse?…hmmm I appear to have digressed). So yes, 5-A-Day is kicking arse and taking names, and we are seeing some incredible growth in the community with it, and lots of incredible bug work going on.

More and more people are getting into the 5-A-Day phenomenon, and as important as doing the bug work is sharing your 5-A-Day with other people. People are doing this via email signatures, blog entries and more.

Well, the always incredible Markus Korn has produced an awesome little panel applet that makes reporting your 5-A-Day progress incredibly simple – you simply drag Firefox tabs onto the applet and it adds that bug number to your log. Markus shows off his work in this video. Check it out.

Thanks to Horseman Holbach, we have a delicious PPA with this little applet – the applet is called five-a-day-applet. It uses the same PPA as listed on the 5-A-Day wiki page. The wiki page will be updated soon with how to use the applet. 🙂

So, go and do the 5-A-Day thang. 🙂

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