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One of the toughest challenges when building a Linux distribution is trying to ensure we are solving the problems and feature-gaps that are affecting our users – we genuinely want to make Ubuntu rock for everyone. In terms of problems, specifically defects, people can report bugs, but in terms of features, gathering a decent collection of features, assessing their popularity, and weeding out the crack is a tough process. It really is a devilishly difficult problem. It is however, a problem that we have been discussing across a few teams for a while, and I am pleased to see the fruits of these efforts online – brainstorm.ubuntu.com 🙂

The concept is simple – you can go to the site and see a range of ideas that have been submitted by the community. These ideas have a couple of arrows on the left side of the idea in which you can vote to add your popularity or vote against the idea. This provides an excellent means of us assessing the popularity of ideas and which things are affecting people. Everyone is welcome to sign in and add ideas, and we encourage you to get involved and contribute to the site – this is going to be the primary method of sharing your ideas with the community and with the Ubuntu development community. There are already a bunch of stunning ideas on there, and I can’t wait to see what you all add. 🙂

brainstorm.ubuntu.com will be a primary resource in assessing what we should be discussing at each Ubuntu Developer Summit (the next one being in Prague). So, get along to brainstorm.ubuntu.com and get involved! 🙂

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