Interesting conversation yesterday:

  • Stuart ‘Aq’ Langridge – “Yeah, its pretty wicked, y’know, because, I listen that site that streams Commodore 64 music, it is unbelievable greatness.
  • Jono – “Commodore 64 music! Can you hear yourself? You are the saddest human being I have ever met! You are Sad 2.0 gimp-a-lot prime.
  • Stuart ‘Aq’ Langridge – “Yeah, because metal is soooo much better…yeah, lets live in 1985, muppet!
  • Jono – “
  • Stuart ‘Aq’ Langridge – “
  • Jono – “1985?! Erm…Commodore…64…music!

Nice one there, ginger man. ๐Ÿ™‚

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