You know what, a strong part of every Ubuntu Developer Summit is making everyone feel like a big, happy family. A good example of this is the jam night that we had a few nights back ready for the legendary Ubuntu Allstars gig tonight (in which various musicians at UDS are playing some music for everyone) – we all came together here on the 3rd floor, had a few drinks, pulled up some lyrics and chords from the Internet and just played music and had a great time. Looking forward to tonight. 🙂

Well, ogre had the great idea of making chief hugger, the lovable Daniel Holbach, feel wanted and fuzzy by organising a flash hug. So, we got the word out across the UDS, let people know while he wasn’t around, and at the first break everyone was congregated ready for action. Of course, we ensured Tony was there, camera in hand to catch it:

Can’t see it? Click here.

That video really does sum up the spirit of Ubuntu. 🙂


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