I am a lucky boy. Well, I am a lucky boy for many, many reasons, but the particularly lucky-ness I am referring to today is that I have a wicked-cool set of peeps on my team at Canonical. Regular readers of this blog will have heard me mention the other horsemen – Daniel Holbach who works in Developer Relations and Jorge Castro who works on Upstream Relations. We have a great team and we love getting up every day to work with our incredible Ubuntu community.

Sounds good, eh? Well, how would you like to join us?

I am pleased to announce a new role that I am looking to fill – Ubuntu Translations Coordinator. Here is the job description:

Posting Date: August 2008

Job Location: Your home, as long as you have broadband. Some international travel will be required.

Job Summary: The role of the Ubuntu Translations Coordinator is to oversee, represent, guide and optimise the processes and workflow of the Ubuntu translations community as well as coordinating the LoCo Teams project. Applicants should have experience of working in a translations community and with computing user groups, be knowledgeable of the Ubuntu translations community, and be motivated and able to work in a fast-paced community team at Canonical.

Reports To: Ubuntu Community Manager

Key responsibilities:

  • Understand, measure and report on the Ubuntu translations community and be a point of reference in the community and at Canonical
  • Establish relationships with community translations leaders and upstreams, enabling a means to deliver quality translations to the Ubuntu platform in general and in key areas
  • Effectively translate Ubuntu in a distributed manner
  • Work closely with Canonical’s management, business and technical teams to advise and represent Ubuntu translations
  • Take a significant role in coordinating Ubuntu local user groups (LoCo Teams), working on projects and goals within that community, and acting as a liaison with user group community leaders

Required skills and experience:

  • Experience translating open source software
  • Experience of using the translation facilities in Launchpad
  • Strong community building skills and ability to resolve conflict situations
  • Ability to work in a highly distributed environment
  • Presentation skills a bonus

I am looking for someone with drive, motivation and experience, and someone with a passion for Ubuntu and making it available in everyone’s local language – this has always been a core goal of Ubuntu, and I need someone with the energy and insight to really make this rock. This person will also work with the business team to be a liaison for translation related opportunities and issues in our commercial agreements.

Sound interesting? Well, don’t contact me directly or leave a comments here, please check out the job ad and apply there. 🙂

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