Well, at 2.48am, Denied By Reign, the debut Severed Fifth album, is finally complete and I am really proud of it. It has been by far my most ambitious project yet – eight songs, 39m 57s of music, 91 guitar riffs, 35 instrument tracks, 5.35GB of recorded audio and all recorded in about two solid weeks of studio time spread out over a few months due to traveling. This project was not only ambitious in the amount of material to record, but also in the timescales to get it done with everything else going on. It was also my most challenges production project – I have never recorded so much audio before, and it really pushed the limits of my set-up – my (what I thought was a pretty studly) dual processor PowerMac G5 with 4GB RAM was really creaking under the load of so many tracks complete with EQ and effects. In fact, it was so heavyweight that I had to mix the instruments in sections and could only listen to the full song properly when I mixed it all down. Safe to say…quite taxing!

Anyway, October 21st is the release date when the entire album will be available for free, and in the meantime some sneak peeks will be on their way soon, complete with more updates on severedfifth.com – I was tempted to do a formal update now, but I am going to bed. 🙂

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