One thing I am really keen to do as part of the release of Denied By Reign is to have the songs available for Frets On Fire; the excellent Open Source Guitar Hero clone. I would love to have these available for release if at all possible.

So, I am looking for some volutneers who would like to help transcribe the album to Frets On Fire ready for release. I know this is a lot to ask with a week to go before the release, but if anyone wants to do it, I will send you the full album and you can work on it. You will also recieve an unholy amount of gratification and respect from me and others in the Severed Fifth community. Surely that is worth it in itself? 😛 Rock on! 🙂

Any takers? If you can help – email me at jono –AT– severedfifth –DOT– com – thanks!

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