Well, Denied By Reign has released for about a day now, and I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and support behind the project.

I am pretty tickled-pink with the response so far. I have been trying to keep track of write-ups of the project and the album, and so far I have seen the following:

I also noticed some good Twitter and identi.ca action going on, and there has been lots of chatter on the Severed Fifth Forums and in the #severedfifth IRC Channel on Freenode.

In terms of downloads, I have been reliably informed by Neuro, king of the BitTorrents, that it is blazing pretty hard with over 500 BitTorrented downloads in the first day. I estimate that in terms of downloads from the Bytemark mirror that there have been about 280 downloads and I need to check with Adam about how well his mirror has done, but I think it is reasonable to suggest 1000 copies of the album have been shifted in its first day. Nice. 🙂

As I mentioned in my last post the next step of the project is to spread the word and build exposure. I am pleased to see that the Severed Fifth Street Team is growing and a bunch of street teamers are getting out into the trenches to spread the word. We have heard of people printing out posters to put up at schools/colleges/stores, contacting local radio stations, posting on discussion forums, sending messages on IM and various other activities. If you put up a poster, give out fliers or whatever else, do take a photo of it and send it over – I would love to feature some of these in the Severed Fifth News. 🙂

Another key element here us growing exposure of Severed Fifth and Free Culture in social networking websites. This is kicking off in earnest, and check the following:

More coming on MuseAmp (a rocking website by a friend of mine, Dan) and Jamendo. If you know of more which need attention, do let me know.

More later… 🙂

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