Just wanted to throw out a big woohoo to Bockover and co over at Banshee for kicking out Banshee 1.4. I am a big fan of what they are doing, and they are doing some really neat work. The 1.x series is really kicking. 🙂

The only thing I would really like to see and what is missing for me is StreamTuner integration – I would love to see a huge catalogue of online radio stations available. I like that StreamTuner scans online services for the available catalogue. I used to listen to these stations a lot – there is some incredible music out there.

What would be an interesting feature would be a workflow in how we listen to, consume and share music. So imagine this:

  • I listen to an artist either on an online radio station, on Last.fm neighbourhood radio or something else.
  • I like what I hear, and Banshee provides one click access to learning about the artist. It can show me a single page with the band’s Last.fm and wikipedia content, a discography and if free music is available, I can click a button and it will download it to my library. This would provide a great workflow for when you hear something you like (which can often be only a few riffs) you can fill your library with all available content.

It would also be great to have a feature for sharing music legally. Imagine I have a bunch Free Culture music in my library. It would be great to have a button to make those songs easily available to others to transfer to their library, over IM or other online service, maybe using the (CC) branding and logos to help this along.

Just thoughts, but congrats guys on a fantastic release!

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