Just a few quick jonobacon.org housekeeping notes.

Firstly, I have added a little sidebar section that displays those rock and roll readers who have posted the most comments. The ranking is over the last year. Our Top 10 is currently:

  • Vadim P. (19)
  • Adam Williamson (15)
  • ethana2 (13)
  • mrben (10)
  • Tom Mann (10)
  • Wolfger (9)
  • Alastair (9)
  • Tom (8)
  • andylockran (8)
  • Eugenia (8)

In the sidebar it will link to the equally rocking websites of those rocking rockstars. Rock on. Rock.

There is still all to play for. There may well be prizes. You people deserve nice things. Even you, Williamson. 😛

I have also added a few other subtle niceties on the site, go and see if you can find them. Speaking of which, if anyone wants to see any features added to make the discussions that little bit more fun and productive, do let me know.

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