One thing I am most proud of about jonobacon.org is that there is some great discussion in the comments. It seems the most magical aspect of blogging is that no matter what I babble on about, it invariably results in some interesting discussion in the comments. Thanks to everyone who has participated over the years.

Anyway, today I was thinking that it would be nice to say thanks! to some of the regulars who bring so much to the discussion. To kick this off, today I would like to thank the current top three commentators by buying them a DVD or CD:

  • Adam Williamson
  • Vadim P.
  • ethana2

Just drop me an email with what you would like (preferably with a link to Amazon) and your postal address and I will get it in the post.

I generally don’t particularly like most-posts-wins competitions, but these three have all contributed some great comments, many of which disagree with me, which is always healthy. 🙂 In the future I will probably hand pick people who have also brought something special to the discussions.

Anyway, thanks folks. 🙂

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