I just wanted to share with you an interesting little story that happened to us the other day.

A few days back my wife and I were in Macy’s in Union Square shopping. We were lined up to pay for a jacket when nature came knock knock knocking on my door. When I returned she was chatting to another guy (called David) who was also lined up. Apparently the guy asked her about me being English and they got chatting. When I returned he said “are you a rock star?“. Somewhat amused I jokingly said yes and laughed it off. He then told us that he was one of the managers for the Gipsy Kings and pointed to the lead guitarist who was buying a stack of clothes at the checkout.

We carried on chatting about music and he told us that the Gipsy Kings were playing the following night in San Francisco. He then asked me to call him the next day and he would try to hook us up with some free tickets. The following day, not expecting anything, I called him and told him that I was “the english guy from Macy’s“. It turned out he had managed to bag us some free tickets and to pick them up at the box office before the show.

We headed into the city, parked and went to pick up the tickets. Lo and behold there were were two tickets for us, complete with passes to the aftershow party. Not only that, he had got us reserved seats at a table in the venue. We were stunned. I saw some other folks buying the tickets on the door and the cheapest ticket was $70. Wow x 2.

We got into the venue and sat down. A little later David walked over to say hi and we shook his hand and thanked him for the tickets. The show kicked off and we had a great time. Although, I was little surprised at one point when he come over and asked if I wanted to get up and play bass on a tune. I smiled and said that it would probably not be such a good idea. I am pretty sure that the Gipsy Kings are not familiar with Angel Of Death by Slayer.

Towards the end of the show we were chatting with him and a few other guests of his from The Four Seasons hotel (where the band was staying). We went backstage to chat some more.

What a strange and bizarre evening. David, if you somehow manage to stumble over this: thanks for your incredible generosity. And the moral of this story? Shop at Macy’s!!

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