It turns out that my mum and Daniel Holbach are very different people. I doubt that my mum is deft at bustin’ out Balkan Beats. Daniel Holbach probably never saw me naked when I was two. I am fairly confident that mum is not familiar with dpkg, and I am certain that Daniel does not love my dad.

They do though have one important thing in common. Today is their birthday!! Woo!

With such an important day before us, I just wanted to share a few words about each of them.

Lets start with my mum. OK, let me cut to the chase: I love my mum. A while back I wrote about how proud I am of my dad. Fortunately I have also been blessed with mum that fills me with pride and joy too. A remarkable woman with a heart of gold and a wicked sense of humour, her selfless persona always puts her family and friends first. Not only this, but she is the perfect companion to my dad. 29 years after they tied the knot they are still hopelessly in love. Having recently got married, they are my inspiration to provide my family with the kind of love and support that I received. Over the years my mum has taught me many things, but of all, I have sought to take her light-hearted approach to life and an always present conciousness of remembering who you are and where you came from. Happy birthday mum, I love you. 🙂

Now to Mr Holbach. I first got to really know Daniel when he joined my team at Canonical. Since then not only has he become a great colleague, but a real brother too. Daniel has the attributes that I really admire in person: he is a passionate, funny and entirely down to earth. He always a sense of fun, a sense of excitement and at times, a strangely British sense of sarcasm. That actually caught me of guard when I first got to know him: his German undertones perfectly masked his natural talent as a sarky bugger. 🙂 You know what, I love my job, and a big reason is that I get to work with such a great team: Daniel brings so much to it. Happy birthday pal, have a great day, and I look forward to catching up with you soon. 🙂

What a great day: a day that celebrates two great people. 🙂

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