I just wanted to throw a quick update your way regarding the Art Of Community book that I am feverishly working on.

On Tuesday last week I threw out a deliberately cryptic announcement about a new project. In the announcement I displayed a motion blurred screenshot of what we now know as the Art Of Community site. Amusingly, the announcement turned into a bit of a technical challenge for some, who tried to unblur it. Most failed, but one clever bugger in the form of Kyran managed to sharpen it, revealing the name of the site which he then Googled and added the URL. Great work, Kyran! This happened about 30mins before I was due to announce while I was writing up the main announcement text.

Anyway, up went the main announcement and the response has been fantastic. It also picked up rather nice press over at Ars Technica and OSTATIC and across a bunch of blogs. There was also a great write up at the Creative Commons who are obviously rather happy with the fact that the book is under a CC-NC-SA license. Thanks to everyone for your kind words. Oh, and Facebook fans, go and be a fan of the Art Of Community Page. 93 fans at the moment. Rock and Roll.

I am also really pleased to see that the Art Of Community website has been building a community. Each post has been getting a nice amount of discussion kicking off, and I am looking forward to the community continuing to prosper. Thanks to this first generation of community members in Florian, JoshPanter, amaneiro, Marco and Blaise Alleyne!

Work on the book has been progressing well. Today I finished up Chapter 5 and sent it off for editing. I have been interview content from Ton Roosendaal of Blender and Cristina Verduzco of the East Bay SPCA with more on the way. Now it is onto Chapter 6.

Stay tuned, folks!

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