Well, the LoCo Docs Day is almost upon us: Thu 12th Feb. The aim of the day is for our community to work together to improve our LoCo team documentation which is here. Getting involved is simple:

  • Head over to here and take a look at the documentation there, read through it and expand and improve on it. You are welcome to work on any of the existing documentation and expand it where needed. You are also welcome to write additional documentation that is missing. We want our docs to be as authoritative and expansive as possible, so if it is missing or needs work, dig in!
  • Come and join us in #ubuntu-locoteams on Freenode while the LoCo Docs Day is happening. In there we will be discussing additional documentation to work on, and sharing ideas, thoughts and achievements. Its going to be a lot of fun!
  • Having a great LoCo Docs Day is also about spreading the word. As such you can help by:
    • Blogging about the day and encourage people to get involved.
    • Microblog on identi.ca and Twitter throughout the day. Today I created a new identi.ca over here but there are other identi.ca groups available by putting !ubuntu and !ubuntudevelopers in your messages.
    • Tell your teams about the day: spread the word on your mailing list and in your IRC channels.

There are a few areas in which I am particularly keen to see us refine our documentation:

  • The FAQ – I would love to see the FAQ become a truly authoritative document. If a question has been asked in our community and answered, it should appear on the FAQ. This is a great place to begin making a contribution.
  • Join a Team – this page should not only tell people to join a team but to also share a little of the culture and excitement about why LoCo teams are a fun and exciting place to be.
  • Start a LoCo Team – this page should outline the specifics of how to set up a team, get resources in place and build a local community. I would love to see some of our existing LoCo leaders take a look at that page and add their insight.
  • Additions to the Knowledge Base – the Knowledge Base is a collection of articles and documents about how to build and run a great LoCo Team. If there is something missing from there, do add it. Also, take a look at the existing content and feel to add to and improve it. I would love to see our Knowledge Base be an expansive resource for all manner of topics for our community.

Our documentation is a sure-fire way of helping LoCo teams to be successful. Better documentation will help teams be more productive, more interesting and help spread the word of Ubuntu more effectively. Lets come together on the 12th Feb to help “rock the docs”. 🙂

See you in #ubuntu-locoteams! 🙂

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