Well, today was the LoCo Docs Day in which the Ubuntu LoCo Community came together to work on, expand and otherwise improve the LoCo Documentation. I am really pleased with how much everyone chipped in and we can wake up tomorrow knowing that our documentation is going to service our awesome LoCo community that little bit better.

Here is the list of updates done today, all of which can be viewed on the LoCo Wiki Pages:

  • Daniel Holbach:
    • added CategoryLoCoTeams in a bunch of places
    • linked Jam information on LoCo Team Knowledge Base
    • fixed LoCoActivism to redirect to the right page
    • fixed a bunch of links on LoCo Computer Fair Howto
    • added some more content to LoCo Team Joining
  • Damokles (a.k.a. “ccm”):
    • extended LoCo Working With Other Groups
    • extended LoCo Running Install fests
    • added comment on calendar apps on LoCo Creating Website
  • Nathan Handler:
    • Added note about Launchpad supporting team maps to LoCo Creating Map
    • Corrected minor grammatical error in LoCoFAQ
  • Craig A. Eddy:
    • Added positives about lugs to LoCo Working With Other Groups
    • Add points to “What LoCoTeams Can Provide” in LoCo Working With Other Groups
  • John Crawford:
    • added link to LoCo Team Knowledge Base on available event speakers LoCo Team Speakers
    • added link to LoCo Team Knowledge Base on working with area LUGs LoCo Working With Other Groups
    • added a sub-header section on getting your team involved with the area LUGs to LoCo Team Howto page.
  • Efrain Valles:
    • added Team Reports to the “Running the Team” section of the LoCo Team Howto.
    • added LoCo Running Release Party (redirect from BuildingCommunity/RunningReleaseParty) to LoCo Team Knowledge Base.
    • added Release Party information and references for other activities in the LoCo Team Knowledge Base in LoCo Team Howto under Advocacy.
  • JonoBacon:
    • added icons to the main menu items.
    • updated LoCo Team Contacts.
    • restructured the front page, added a side bar and logo.
    • updated LoCo Team Meeting with new meeting.
  • Jorge Castro
    • Edited the FAQ
    • Syntax fixes on LoCo Creating Planet
  • Elizabeth Krumbach:
    • Fix up gender unfriendly language and assumptions on LoCo Computer Fair Howto
  • NickAli:
    • reference LoCo Hosting in LoCo Creating Website.
    • clean up LoCo Hosting

Thanks to everyone for getting involved and contributing your time. Of course, today is just one day and we need to continue to work hard to keep our documentation as up to date and authoritative as possible. I am hugely proud of the range of documentation that we have available and I look forward to organising some further LoCo Docs Days in the future. 🙂

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