Quick update on my icon hacking. I have now figured out a way to get most of my notification icons to have broadly the right color. It used to look like this:

Now it looks like this:

To do this I first copied my Human icon, edited theme.index to change the name of the theme and then went around coloring icons. Thanks to d0od for pointing me at the Meliae White theme too. I used some of those icons in my own cobbled together theme.

To do the coloring I took a screenshot and use the GIMP’s eye-dropper to get the shade of grey to color the icons. For my Dust theme this is:

  • Hue: 45
  • Saturation: 10
  • Lightness: 6

I then colored each notification icon with the GIMP Coloize tool (Colors->Colorize) using these values.

I am going to make a few other changes and then I will put together my theme online.

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