I am pleased that Ubuntu Developer Week is now announced and ready for the masses. The glorious week of Ubuntu development tutorials and sharing of know-how happens from Monday, 31st August 2009 to Friday, 4th September 2009. You can see the timetable for the week here. You can also go and download our new snazzy brochure for the event here – the brochure is great for sending to and sharing with people you know in your LoCo teams, LUGs and elsewhere!

The way the week works is simple:

  • Take a look at the schedule here and pick the session(s) you are interested in.
  • For each session you want to join, join #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net.
  • Feel free to ask your questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat
  • Have a great time learning how to make Ubuntu better and get to know our awesome community!

We have a stunning range of sessions available, including:

  • Getting Started with Ubuntu Development
  • Packaging Perl Modules
  • Fun with Python Plasmoids
  • Fixing small bugs in Ubuntu
  • Kernel Triaging and Debugging
  • Getting started with Launchpad development
  • Hooking your app into your desktop CouchDB
  • Quickly fun
  • How to update a package
  • Bug lifecycle, Best practices, Workflow, Tags, Upstream, Big picture
  • Paper cutting 101
  • Translations for developers
  • Hacking Soyuz to get your builds done
  • Packaging from scratch
  • Fun with Python Plasmoids

Thanks to all the fantastic folks involved in making this rock: dholbach, rickspencer3, jawnsy, agateau, Riddell, ogasawara, didrocks, leonardr, bdmurray, gmb, lukasz, stuartm, aquarius, kees, jcastro, pedro_, ara, jsiegel, ted, seb128, mok0, rockstar, sbeattie, danilo, dpm, pitti, liw, james_w, Laney, noodles775, cprov and wgrant!

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