A few days ago I started getting sick. This sucks for two reasons. Firstly, I hate being sick. Secondly I hit the big 3-0 tomorrow and I don’t want to be ill on my birthday. I have been assured my many a wise onlooker that “being sick on your birthday is the ‘worst thing ever’“. Don’t want any of that, particularly as we have some friends coming over for a shindig.

To make matters worse, like many others who are also testing the current development branch of Ubuntu, life got very very wobbly a few days ago and many of us are strugging to boot, gain access to the network and get X up and running. This all decided to kick off the very day I started feeling wobbly myself.

I was not a happy bunny. Feeling like crap, broken computer and in the interests of resting and getting better, I had American television to contend with. Woe was mostly firmly pointed in my direction.

It was then I realized just how truly awesome life is, even within my (frankly not very bad) circumstances. On the illness front I had a comfortable bed to rest in and a loving wife who brought me chicken soup and tea laced with honey. On the television side I could bypass the rot and misfortune that is American telly and plonk a few DVDs on, in the form of the Mallrats 10th Anniversary edition, Zodiac and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

And then Ubuntu. I grabbed my Jaunty CD, booted into the Live CD and used my trusty 2GB Mandrake USB stick that I got at PyCon in Brum and installed Jaunty to it. I then set up links, some bookmarks, installed a few apps and I was back up and running while Scott, Lamont, Colin, Steve and others have worked to get the problem fixed in Karmic. Yesterday I sat back for a moment and just marvelled at how incredible free software is and how devoted the folks who make it are. The people who were trying to resolve this were up late into their nights working hard. We are blessed to have these folks in our lives.

So the moral of this story: at times life sucks, but it is in those moments it gives us a chance to step back and see all the wonderful things around us.

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