Today we are proud to announce the schedule for the next Ubuntu Open Week, which takes place from the 2nd – 6th November 2009.

Ubuntu Open Week is a week of free live online tuition and Q+A sessions that are provided on a range of topics by many of the movers and shakers in out community. If you are interested in getting involved in the Ubuntu community, this is an incredible opportunity to learn many of the skills involved, meet many of our contributors and just have a great time!

The way the sessions work is pretty simple, and everything is explained here. You simply join two discussion channels, one in which you watch the session leader deliver a session and the other to ask questions in. This year we even have a web based interface to the sessions, so it is easier than ever to get involved!

The schedule for Ubuntu Open Week is looking incredible:


Mon 2 Nov

Tue 3 Nov

Wed 4 Nov

Thu 5 Nov

Fri 6 Nov

15.00 UTC

Introduction – Jono Bacon

Ubuntu Moblin Remix – Bill Filler and Crew

Ask Mark – sabdfl

Getting Started in Ubuntu Development – James Westby and Daniel Holbach

Spare Slot

16.00 UTC

Be your neighbor’s Ubuntu Guru – FabianRodriguez

Writing a book – emmajane

Jono Bacon – Leadership Workshop

How to fix bugs in Ubuntu – James Westby and Daniel Holbach

How to run Ubuntu+1 – Jorge Castro

17.00 UTC

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter: Or How To Achieve Organization Out Of Chaos – tyche

Getting People Involved in your LoCo/Team – Jono Bacon

Making Screencast – DKcross

Basics of and Behavior in Ubuntu IRC channels – jussi01 and mneptok

AppArmor – John Johansen

18.00 UTC

Scratch your own itch, learn how to write your own app – Rick Spencer

Byobu – Dustin Kirkland

First steps in translating Ubuntu – David Planella

KVM and Virt-Manager – Dustin Kirkland

Kernel QA – Leann Ogasawara

19.00 UTC

Ubuntu One – Joshua Hoover

ISO Testing Tracker – Ara Pulido

Kubuntu Netbook – Scott Kitterman Edition

Welcome to the new Edubuntu – Stéphane Graber

Resolving Bug One – Beth Lynn Eicher

20.00 UTC

What to do when things go wrong – Alan Pope

Learning Project – Elizabeth Krumbach

Intro to GIMP – akk

WIOS – Issues – Elizabeth Krumbach

Introduction to the Ubuntu Documentation Project – TBA

21.00 UTC

Reporting Bugs – Brian Murray

Writing Secure Code – Kees Cook

Giving Useful Feedback – Murat Güne?

WIOS – Encouragement – Mackenzie Morgan

Introducing the Telepathy Stack – Ken Vandine

22.00 UTC

Running a FOSS Event – Laura Czajkowski

Getting KDE 4 ready for LTS – Jonathan Riddell

Ubuntu Membership – Nathan Handler

How to win with compatibility (and why Wine is made of win) – Scott Ritchie

Feedback and Ideas for next time – Jorge Castro

This schedule may change since I have published this blog entry. You can find the latest schedule here.

The schedule is also available in iCalendar (ics) format, subscribe to the calendar using Google Calendar or Evolution.

If you use identi.ca, you can also subscribe to @udscommunity to be informed whenever a new Open Week is about to begin.

Note: For help on time equivalents around the world, visit Time and Date World Clock, and specifically for the equivalent of 15:00 UTC see 15:00 UTC around the world.

This is an fantastic opportunity to welcome new members to our incredible community, and I would like to encourage everyone to spread the word about Ubuntu Open Week so that the opportunity is open to as many people as possible: do go and blog, tweet, dent and otherwise spread the word!

Finally, thanks to Jorge Castro and Amber Graner for helping to put together the event and to all of our session leaders who have committed to running sessions. Rock and roll, my friends, rock and roll. 🙂

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