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Wed 21st Oct 2020 

Last year we wrapped up LugRadio after five seasons, over 2million downloads and six live events. For over a year now Tony Whitmore from the excellent ubuntu-uk Podcast has been working on a documentary chronicling the history of the show, and packed with interviews, behind-the-scenes footage of how we planned a show, the studio, LugRadio Live USA and more. He premiered the hour-long documentary at LugRadio Live 2009 to resounding applause and acclaim, and it is now available online, and freely available.

You can watch it from your browser here:

Part 1

Can’t see it? click here

Part 2

Can’t see it? click here

You can also download the full documentary from here.

You can read more about how he created the documentary (on Linux, no-less) here. Thanks so much, Tony!

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