Here at Canonical we are all big fans of the Creative Commons. For those of you unfamiliar with them, they have created a set of Free Culture licenses that make it simple for people to release open content. They also run a variety of resources to make finding and remixing content simple and empowering.

In the Ubuntu community we have celebrated these freedoms with the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase: a competition in which we select free culture content that is included with each Ubuntu release. In addition to this, I am personally a huge fan of the Creative Commons: I have released two albums (The Big Red Recording and the debut Severed Fifth album) and my recent book The Art of Comunity under Creative Commons licenses. All of my blog entries are similarly licensed.

A little while back Melissa Reader from the Creative Commons emailed me asking if Canonical would be interested in matching donations made to the Creative Commons up to a maximum of $3000 over the period of a week. This means that if you donate $1 to the Creative Commons, Canonical will also provide $1 until the $3000 total has been reached. I am proud that Canonical are able to support this worthy campaign.

Remember, this is going to happen only for the next week, so go and DONATE!

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