Hi all, just weighing in with another update on my pet project – Lernid.

I have added a bunch of new features this week to Lernid:

  • Notifications – events that are shown in the event list will now appear in the notification area. A notification bubble will pop up 10 minutes before an event begins to remind you it is starting.
  • Multiple Browser Pages – the browser view now has a drop-down box where you can select between different pages. This code is now ready for me to build in support for an URL to trigger a page load in the browser. This means that when you are watching a session and the session leader mentions an URL, the browser view will automatically update with the page. This provides an opportunity for the session leader to deliver content to that view in near real time: this is a first for these kinds of online learning sessions.
  • Translations – thanks to a patch from the always awesome David Planella, Lernid now makes use of the growing list of available translations. Lernid in your language: nice!

For the eye-candy lovers, here is how our little baby looks at the moment:

As ever, code, bugs, translations and more are available in the Launchpage project.

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