It has been a few weeks now since Aq and I started doing our new podcast, Shot Of Jaq. What a crazy few weeks.

As some of you will know, we did LugRadio for four years, and we really got into the habit of the LugRadio formula. Four year and 2million downloads later, I am proud of our achievements there: I consider it a success. That feeling of success has a negative side-effect though: jitters. Just before we released our first Shot Of Jaq shot I felt the same jitters I did just before we released LugRadio Season 1 Episode 1. In many ways the jitters were worse: we knew a lot of LugRadio fans were going to be checking out the new show, and even though we have made it clear that Shot Of Jaq is not LugRadio, we want to meet people’s expectations. Even though it is early days, I am really happy with the response so far.

The whole point of shot Of Jaq is that each shot is (a) no more 10 or so minutes long (b) the shot starts the conversation and (c) encourages the Shot Of Jaq community to weigh in and share their thoughts, thus continuing the conversation together. The format is new, I am not aware of anyone taking this approach before, but so far people seem to be getting into the approach, with some rather awesomely referring to it as shotcasting, which is pretty darn cool.

So far we have released the following shots, newest first, with the number of comments right now shown in brackets:

Each shot you can listen to from your browser and get involved in the conversation right away. Want to subscribe, well check out our MP3 and Ogg podcast feeds. I hope you check it out and we see you there.

So far things are still really new and we are beginning to settle into the format, as well getting used to doing a podcast after a year of not doing LugRadio. I have to say, it is pretty exciting getting back in the saddle, and thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of the show. 🙂

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