Tonight I had an idea I wanted to run past Ubuntu community folks. I think it could be fun to have an Ubuntu Community Hackfest. In it we would pick two days and devote them to hacking on software projects that are community-related. This could include existing project such as:

  • LoCo Directory
  • Harvest
  • Quickly
  • Hall Of Fame
  • The Fridge
  • Lernid
  • Brainstorm
  • Improvements to the Ubuntu Forums

It could also include ideas for other projects we have discussed at UDS such as the Governance Tracking System. This could also be a great time to build that new website your LoCo needs, work on a new Quickly application that can help the community or some other kind of project.

I would recommend that those who get involved would share their work as they do it on blogs, post screenshots, share snippets, and of course twitter and dent all the while.

So, would anyone be interested in getting involved with this?

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