We are currently looking for two paid home-based contractor positions in Europe or the USA to come and work at Canonical to write some upstream code to help GNOME applications fit into the full Ubuntu desktop experience. This is an awesome opportunity for talented GNOME developers and a a great way to dip your feet into the Ubuntu development team. The roles involve these elements:


  • Create patches for GNOME Desktop applications to provide complete integration with the Ubuntu desktop experience
  • Work with upstreams on planning and creating packages
  • Work with upstreams to get patches integrated upstream
  • Fix integration related bugs and other bugs


  • Ability to hack in C and Python
  • Experience with bzr, git, and other concurrent versioning systems
  • Experience with launchpad and bugzilla bug tracking
  • Social skills needed to interact with upstreams and Ubuntu teams
  • Ability to set work schedule and systematically report on status

If you are interested, we are looking to fill these roles ASAP, so email me at jono AT ubuntu DOT com ASAP and I will forward you on to the right people.

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