This week has been a big week for Lernid in which it has received some comprehensive testing, feedback and exposure because of the always awesome Ubuntu Developer Week. It has been fantastic to see Ubuntu Developer Week session leaders using slides and the features in Lernid to get the most out of their sessions. Lernid is in great shape with a solid 0.5 release and a tonne of bug fixes already ready for 0.6 as well some new features.

I wrote Lernid because I just wanted to JFDI a solution to something that I thought could squeeze a huge amount of extra value out of online learning events. I am proud of where the project stands now, but I think now is the time to move stewardship of the project over to hands with more time and oversight to keep up to date with a growing Lernid development community. With this in mind I am proud to announce that the new leader of the Lernid project is Michael Budde.

Michael has taken a phenomenal amount of initiative with Lernid and has been keeping on top of the many merge requests and bugs while I have been busy cavorting around the Internet with work. I had a call with Michael today to talk through the transition, and you good folks can expect Lernid to bring in a session leader mode, easier question asking features and other awesome features. I am excited to see where Michael takes the project. I am also excited to see how other distributions and projects use Lernid now that it supports user-specified server configurations.

So, folks, please join me in welcoming Michael as the new Lernid Leader and a continued healthy future for our new e-learning tool!

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