Today someone asked me how to run Acire and Python Snippets from source and contribute more snippets. I just wanted to pop up the instructions quickly here so I can point folks at them. These should work on Lucid and Karmic for sure, and very possibly older versions.

First grab the tools you need to run Acire:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install quickly bzr python-mechanize python-gtksourceview2

First grab the python-snippets:

bzr branch lp:python-snippets

Now grab Acire:

bzr branch lp:acire

Now set an environmental variable to point to your snippets:

export SNIPPETS_DIR=/place/where/you/checked/out/the/snippets

Now go to the directory where you checked out Acire and run it:

quickly run

Job done! You can now contribute snippets by reading this guide. I look forward to seeing your snippets, folks!

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