Today we released Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, available in Desktop, Server, and Netbook editions.

Lucid is a phenomenal release that has brought a new finesse and shine to what we as a community have worked together to achieve. I see this finesse executed in a fantastic array of features (which you can read about here), and underlined by an unwavering commitment to quality through the many disciplines involved in building Ubuntu. This work has not only been undertake by our development team at Canonical, but also by our passionate global Ubuntu community.

Today is a day in which everyone involved in the Ubuntu community should sit back for a moment and feel proud of our achievements. Whether you have worked on code, packaging, testing, bugs, documentation, translations, advocacy, or whatever else, your contributions have made Lucid and it’s supporting global network of community contributions what it is. Building an Operating System is a large and complex task which demands a wide variety of different skills and personalities to achieve, and I am so proud of everyone who has brought their gift to the Ubuntu table to help make Ubuntu better for everyone.

As one person riding this train, I just want to thank you to all of you for your hard work. Now it is time to celebrate!

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