I just wanted to blog about some of the cool things going on recently in Severed Fifth land:

  • Severed Fifth Used In Video Soundtracks – one of the most wonderful elements of licensing your content under a Creative Commons license means that other creative types can use your content. It turns out a bunch of people are using Severed Fifth music in their videos.
  • ‘Frets On Fire: Severed Fifth Edition’ Announced – with the newly announced Frets On Fire: Severed Fifth Edition I had a call for transcribers to chart the songs and we are already seeing great progress.
  • Severed Fifth TV Begins – I have started doing a series of official videocasts and did the first one this week providing an update on the project, demoing ‘Frets On Fire: Severed Fifth Edition’, talking about the Street Team and more. Watch the recording here.
  • Street Team Begins – recently we have started seeing more activity growing in the Severed Fifth Street Team. It is still very much early days and there is lots to do, so get involved and tell us how you think we can make the Street Team rock. 🙂
  • Second Album – finally, progress on the second album is going really well. Most of the songs are now written, and I will be releasing two cover songs on the new album too; one an Overkill song, and one an Iron Maiden song. Soon I will be announcing the recording dates for the album and be streaming the recordings live.

Want to find out more and join the fun? Check out the website, the forums, and of course the Twitter and identi.ca feeds.

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