I just wanted to provide you lovely people with another update about Severed Fifth my Creative Commons and Free Culture music project. There is lots going on, and here are some of the details:

  • I launched Severed Fifth Fair Pay as what I believe is the fairest way of providing an opportunity for Severed Fifth fans to help support the project financially. The idea is simple: if you enjoy the music or support the project, you can pay what you feel is fair and affordable, and if that means paying nothing, that is absolutely cool. With me needing to pay for rehearsal space for the live band, hosting, merchandise, studio equipment, and other things, every little helps.
  • This week I started auditioning musicians to join the Severed Fifth live band, and the auditions went really well. I will be writing up a detailed blog post about this soon, so stay tuned, but you also check out this forums post for more details.
  • I bought this new baby for getting out and doing some live shows with. It growls. 🙂
  • I registered a new Severed Fifth MySpace page, so go and add us as a friend! This compliments our Facebook, last.fm, Twitter, and identi.ca pages, and my friends at libre.fm are helping to make the Severed Fifth libre.fm page rock.
  • The Severed Fifth Forum is continuing to grow, so come and join the community and get involved. We are particularly interested in growing Severed Fifth Street Team and bringing the free culture Severed Fifth love to your area. Come and get involved!
  • Thanks to the wonderful work of our Frets On Fire charters, the Frets On Fire: Severed Fifth Edition project is coming on in leaps and bounds, and nearly the entire Denied By Reign album is available ready for our first release. Rock and rolll! 🙂
  • The second album is coming along really well, and is almost completed at the writing stages. It is sounding rocking. 🙂

I think that is enough for now. More as it happens! 🙂

Also, expect a videocast next week, so stay tuned to severedfifth.com for an announcement of the time and date. 🙂

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