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Tues 16th Feb 2021

I am pleased that Ubuntu Developer Week is now announced and ready for the masses. The glorious week of Ubuntu development tutorials and sharing of know-how happens from Monday July 12th 2010 to Friday July 16th 2010. You can see the timetable for the week here.

Throughout the week we have an awesome set of sessions:

  • Getting Started with Development — dholbach
  • Getting Started with Development — dholbach
  • Widgetcraft — apachelogger
  • Desktop Team overview — seb128
  • Authoring upstart jobs — SteveLangasek
  • Packaging like a Ninja — shadeslayer
  • «I Don’t Know Anything About Translations» — dpm
  • Developing with Qt Quick and QML — JonathanRiddell
  • How to work with Debian — IainLane & Rhonda
  • Setting up a small validation dashboard — ZygmuntKrynicki
  • Operation Cleansweep – reviewing patches — nigelbabu
  • Forwarding bugs and patches upstream — pedro_
  • Daily Builds and You — JorgeCastro
  • Making your application shine with application indicators — TedGould
  • Kernel Triage — JeremyFoshee
  • Create an application for Ubuntu with Quickly — didrocks
  • Improving Ubuntu In An Evening — vish
  • Contribute to Ubuntu Server, do Server Papercuts ! — ThierryCarrez
  • How to help with Xubuntu — CharlieKravetz
  • Merge proposals: life on the sunny side — MartinAlbisetti
  • Django and you — mhall119
  • Adopt-An-Upstream — JorgeCastro
  • How to help with Edubuntu — JonathanCarter
  • Me, myself & QA — warp10, gaspa, BlackZ

As ever ou can connect with Lernid or a normal IRC client. For full details, see this page.

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