Today we published our final Shot Of Jaq. You can listen to it here.

Shot Of Jaq was our experiment into whether podcasting could be turned on it’s head a little and instead of being a long show (such as what we did with LugRadio, could be a short, sharp burst of content to start the discussion. We did this with Shot Of Jaq for nine months, put out around 70 shows on a twice-weekly basis, and had over 3000 comments as part of the discussions.

Although Shot Of Jaq had a fairly short life-span, I am proud of what we achieved with it. I feel like the format worked, and our final show which we released today talks about some of the lessons learned in a hope that others will continue the shotcasting format.

As for why we are stopping Shot Of Jaq? Well, Aq and are simply too busy with other things (such as Severed Fifth on my part) and we both have hectic work lives. We didn’t want the quality of the show to suffer, so we figured now was a good time to call it a day.

Thanks to everyone who was so supportive of the show!

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