One of the most critical components in any flourishing community is to ensure contributions that are offered in good faith are fairly reviewed in a timely manner. Unfortunately, the success of Ubuntu has resulted in more contributions than we have had time to review, and Nigel Babu is leading the way to encourage the community to review these outstanding patches.

This is important and worthwhile work, and I am really keen to encourage you all to get involved.

How do you get involved? Simple:

  1. Read the Operation cleansweep wiki page to get an idea of what we are trying to do.
  2. Read our Reviewers Guide that explains the process of how you review a patch.
  3. Pick a patch from this list to review.
  4. Review it and provide feedback.
  5. Join #ubuntu-reviewers to ask for help.

To do this you don’t have to be programmer, you don’t have to have a degree in rocket science, and you don’t have to like metal. The only requirement is that you have the desire to make Ubuntu better, and if you are reading this, you clearly have that.

Thanks in advance to everyone who helps! 🙂

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