Hi folks, back again for a quick update on my Free Culture music project, Severed Fifth. As before, I just want to share a bunch of links to interesting things that are going on.

To kick off with, I put a few short videos on the Severed Fifth YouTube Channel from yesterday’s rehearsal. These are the first videos of the full band playing, and of course all the music that you hear and the rest of album will all be made available under a free license. Here are the vids:

Don’t see them? Click here.

Other things going on:

It was also cool to see Chris Kontos, who is currently playing with Attitude Adjustment but previously on Machine Head’s hugely successful first album Burn My Eyes, and has played with Testament, Konkhra, Attitude Adjustment, Exodus, Verbal Abuse, Custard Pie, Anti Trust, The Servants, Dog Faced Gods, Death Angel, Grinch and with James Murphy, wearing a Severed Fifth t-shirt at a recent show in San Francisco:

Finally, don’t forget that the new album is recorded from 11th – 15th Aug 2010 and the entire recording will be streamed live on our ustream.tv channel. Be sure to be there!

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