I am delighted to see that over 5% of Ubuntu Members are women. That is 5% of active contributors who have performed significant and sustained contributions are women. For the full scoop, read Lyz’s post.

I just want to offer my congratulations to the awesome Ubuntu Women team for all their hard work. It was also great to see the team’s continued hard work and participation at the most recent Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando, Florida.

Diversity is something we always strive for in Ubuntu, both in terms of welcoming all people of gender, color, background, or (dis)ability, as well as welcoming a diverse range of skills that bring personal satisfaction to contributors as well as value to Ubuntu and Free Software, be it code, packaging, documentation, translations, advocacy, or anything else. Diversity is never a solved problem, it is always a state that we strive for in which anyone with any skill from any demographic feels welcome, empowered, and inspired by Ubuntu and our ethos.

I just want to offer major props to Elizabeth Krumbach, Melissa Draper, Amber Graner, Laura Czajkowski, Leigh Honeywell, Penelope Stowe, Mackenzie Morgan, Valorie Zimmerman, and the many others who have supported and helped Ubuntu Women to help improve how accessible and welcoming Ubuntu is to women.

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