As many of you will know, Ahmed Kamal is one of the horsemen, and he is focusing his community building skills on creating a rocking Ubuntu Cloud community. We have awesome technology for harnessing public, private. and personal clouds, and Ahmed is here to build a community of both users and contributors.

Soon Ahmed will be announcing a new cloud portal, and he has also set up a Facebook Page, and Twitter and identi.ca accounts. Buzz is building, and the Ubuntu cloud community hangs out in #ubuntu-cloud on the freenode IRC network. Come and join us!

This week Ahmed is going to be kicking off weekly meetings in #ubuntu-cloud which are designed for:

  • General questions about using Ubuntu on the cloud.
  • General questions about setting up a public or private cloud.
  • General questions about joining and participating in the community.
  • Planning work and initiatives in the community, such as advocacy, development, translations and more.

These meetings are not only an ideal place to go and ask questions about using different Ubuntu cloud technologies, but also to find out how you can participate in our community. There meetings happen every Wednesday at 3pm UTC in #ubuntu-cloud on freenode. More details on how to join are here.

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