In this cycle we are taking the stability and maturity of Unity in Ubuntu very seriously. We know the move to Unity is a big one, and we want to deliver the best possible Unity experience in Natty. Canonical is investing significant resources across the design, desktop experience, and platform teams in making Unity rock, but we can’t do it alone.

Unity by frerieke available here

Unity is an Open Source project, and like every Open Source project, we need contributions to succeed. We are looking for contributions across a wide variety of different skills from documentation, to accessibility, to translations, and obviously bug fixing.

Today I want to talk about bug fixing. Tomorrow Jorge will be starting a weekly Bitesize Bug Campaign in which he will highlight a set of bitesize Unity bugs, that is bugs that only require small and simple fixes (and are ideal for new Unity developers), and work with the community to get those bugs fixed. This campaign is similar to the papercuts effort in that these bugs are rough edges that need sanding off. Jorge will highlight a new set of bugs each week, and he will also highlight those rock stars who contribute these improvements to Unity.

How To Take Part

Jorge will have more details soon, but it is as simple as this:

  1. Make sure you are running Natty (remember, you can install it and run it from a USB stick)
  2. Pick a bug from the list of Unity Bitesize Bugs.
  3. Get some info on how to hack on it and also get help from the #ayatana IRC channel on freenode and the mailing list.
  4. Create a fix and submit it!
  5. Await the stardom that will result from being so damn incredible. 🙂

I will be talking more about this campaign on my Weekly Video that is happening on Wednesday at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UTC/UK / 8pm Europe. Be sure to tune in!

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