A few days ago Phill Whiteside dropped me a note to let me know about a great example of the Ubuntu ethos alive and working. I just wanted to share it here

Manuèla Popping is based in Ureterp, the Netherlands. Phill has been mentoring Manuèla and her contributions to Ubuntu, and she has been contributing to the Ubuntu Accessibility and Ubuntu Women teams.

What I found particularly touching about this story was a poem that Manuèla wrote about her experience of joining the Ubuntu community:

I came in a community named Ubuntu.
Unsure if I was good enough to help with anything
Not really knowing where I ended up.
There came a blanket of warmth and cordiality to me.
Caring, social and tolerancity.
I did not know what came over me
It was like i was coming home after a long journey
And warmly was received by family.

Reading this put a huge smile on face. It is exactly this sense of warmth and kindness that I am keen for us to foster in the Ubuntu community; a place where everyone feels welcome, supported and empowered to be successful. Thanks Phill for the note, and thanks Manuèla for the poem! 🙂

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