As many of you will know, we have been working hard in the Ubuntu world to ensure that the transition to Unity is not only smooth and painless, but also provides the best possible user experience. To do this the DX team, Ayatana community, desktop team, and my team have been working closely to ensure we are not only getting plenty of testing for Unity, but helping to ensure the community is an open and accessible as possible.

I just wanted to highlight some of this work, and throw out some kudos:

  • didrocks and seb128 have been working their socks off to ensure that recent Unity packages are getting uploaded to Natty. They have been doing a stunning job and Unity in Natty has settled down a lot and doesn’t crash as much.
  • jcastro and myself have been working together to encourage more and more people to get involved and participate in Unity development by fixing simple bugs that are labelled bitesize bugs. These bugs provide a great opportunity for folks to get started and get to know the Unity team. I have asked Jorge to publish a report every Tuesday not only detailing which bitesize bugs are ripe to be squashed, but also highlighting the fantastic work going on by these new contributors (see the most recent report here). Jorge has been doing a great job here.
  • I just want to shout out to DBO for providing swathes of help and assistance to these new contributors to help them get up to speed with the codebase. He has been doing a rocking job!
  • It is not just about development of course, translations is another key area in which we want Unity to have incredible support and David Planella recently kicked off a campaign to ensure Unity is fully translated.
  • I also just want to point out the great reporting going on at OMG!Ubuntu in higlighting the new work going on in Natty and Unity.

Now of course, here is the huge caveat – Unity is not finished, Natty is not finished, and there is lots of work to do and lots of things are broken – but, heck, this is an Open Source project and if we work together we can all make a difference in making Unity better. So how do you get involved?

How YOU can help Unity

Want to lend a hand and make Unity even better? Awesome, we dig people like you. Here is how you can get started…

Fixing Bugs

  1. Go and read how to get started coding.
  2. Pick one of the bitesize bugs.
  3. Go and read how you fix a bitesize bug.
  4. Be sure to log on to #ayatana on freenode IRC to ask questions (access it from within your web browser right here).


  1. Go and download the latest Natty daily ISO image.
  2. Install it on a spare partition, machine or a USB stick.
  3. When you find a bug in Unity, open a terminal and run ubuntu-bug unity to file the bug. Follow the instructions.
  4. Be sure to log on to #ayatana and #ubuntu-desktop on freenode IRC to ask questions (access it from within your web browser right here).


  1. Join the Ayatana mailing list and discuss your ideas there.
  2. Be sure to log on to #ayatana on freenode IRC to ask questions (access it from within your web browser right here).


  1. Go and read David’s guide for how to get started.

Thanks to everyone who participates in Unity in whatever way you can.

Have Unity questions? I will be doing my live Ubuntu, Community and Unity video Q+A live on Wed 23rd Dec 2010 at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UTC/UK / 8pm Europe – click here to join in the fun and bring your questions!

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