We have an absolutely rocking development platform in the Ubuntu, GNOME, KDE and Linux and world. Today I was chatting to some of the Severed Fifth Street Team folks and we were talking about how awesome a Severed Fifth Desktop App could be. Imagine an app that shows you recent news, pops up notification bubbles when new Severed Fifth tweets are posted, has a small in-built media player for playing Severed Fifth music easily, has an embedded IRC channel so you can meet the Severed Fifth community and more. This could be a super cool app for Street Team members and Severed Fifth fans to use.

I wrote some ideas for the app and while I would love to hack on it, all of my spare time is taken with rehearsing with the band and getting ready for the album.

As such, I wanted to put the call out to see if any of you would be interested in hacking on a Severed Fifth Desktop App.

See the post here and follow up there if interested – thanks in advance to everyone who helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

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