I love the LoCo Directory. The site provides a fantastic way to browse the global list of Ubuntu LoCo Teams, organize events and more. What is more, it is almost entirely a community-driven project; the site has a series of developers who actively work to improve and refine it.

Next week at UDS we have some sessions to discuss the next steps for the LoCo Directory and I just wanted to share some elements that I think would bring huge value to the site and the wider Ubuntu LoCo community:

  • Integrated Help – the goal with the LD has always been for it to be a central hub of information and content about LoCo Teams and how to empower them to be successful. From the dynamic content perspective, this has been really successful, but I would love to see the documentation and resources about what LoCo teams are, how they work, how to run a team, what the LD does etc, all come to the LD and be built in. I would love to see a ‘Help’ tab that takes me to a knowledge base of content. I think a great approach could be a built-in wiki; this would provide a low barrier for everyone to participate.
  • Make the LD tab-worthy – I would love to see the LD become interesting enough that I always have it open in a browser tab. Today I only go to the LD when I need to look something up. I would instead love to see the front page of the LD be a constantly updating portal of content that summarizes what is going on in the LoCo community that day. The #locoteams stream is a great first step, but I would love it to also show Planet-like content of LoCo related blog posts, a flickr stream of recent pictures etc. This would get me into the mindset of waking up every morning, going to the LD and seeing what is going on in LoCo teams across the world. That would 1.21 Megatonne of awesome.
  • Visually depict the people part of LoCos – LoCo’s are all about awesome people getting together to do awesome things. On the front page of the Ubuntu Developer Summit website we have a scrolling pane of pictures from UDS that depict the social and personality driven environment of UDS. I think it could be fantastic to have the same kind of slider on the front page of the LD with the latest most interesting pictures from LoCo teams (possibly determined by some open voting system that shows the most popular pics). This could great photos of meetings, group shots and other inspirational content.

Just some ideas, and I look forward to discussing them at UDS.

What other ideas do you think could be interesting for the site?

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