Community Team Plans For Oneiric

by | Mon 23 May 2011

In the interests of transparency, at the beginning of each cycle I tend to summarize my team at Canonical’s plans for the forthcoming six month period of work. This is the result of an extensive process of assessing requirements, gathering needs, discussing topics at UDS, fleshing out actions, documenting blueprints, and determining resource availability. Part of the goal of this process is to ensure the team (Daniel Holbach, Jorge Castro, David Planella, and Ahmed Kamal) knows exactly what to do, but to also clearly communicate to other entities (such as senior management and the community) what the team is seeking to accomplish.

Remember also, folks, that I am looking to hire a QA community coordinator and will be fleshing out those goals and responsibilities too. If you have QA and community growth experience, check it out!

The practical output of this process is a set of blueprints, each of which contain a set of actions assigned to different people. Anyone and everyone is welcome to subscribe to the blueprints that interest them and to receive emails when those actions are completed, postponed, or marked as in-progress. This provides a great level of transparency for the community to keep an eye on what is going on in their areas of interest. Finally, I track this work and it’s continual completion via our burndown chart. This provides me as a manager with a useful tool for ensuring we make consistant and clear progress to drive to delivery.

Of course, part of my responsibility as Community Team Manager is also to be this guy sometimes.

So, as usual, I am going to list each of these approved blueprints. Before I get to this though, I also want to mention a few other activities that we will be working on as a team that don’t fit into the blueprints. This includes:

  • the mentoring campaign I blogged about the other day to build more scalable community growth.
  • Ubuntu Open Week
  • Ubuntu Developer Week
  • Ubuntu App Developer Week
  • Ubuntu Global Jam
  • Ubuntu Cloud Days
  • Release Parties
  • Organizing the next Ubuntu Developer Summit to take place in Orlando, Florida.
  • Various day to day needs in the community, resolving bottlenecks and other bits and pieces.
  • I am also really keen ratchet the LoCo Teams up to the next level to help encourage more advocacy work and making loco.ubuntu.com “tab-worthy”. See this blog post and this blueprint for more details.

So, onto the blueprints…

(you can see who on the team is driving which blueprint by the name in brackets)


In this cycle we want to refocus on getting more developers involved in Ubuntu, and Daniel Holbach will be leading much of this work. This also fits in to the more scalable mentoring strategy I blogged about recently.


In the Natty cycle we identified a set of common bottlenecks that Ubuntu Developers face as they contribute to Ubuntu. We are going to work to eliminate as many of these bottlenecks as possible throughout the 11.10 cycle.


As David Planella diversifies and expands his responsibilities he is going to be working to help deliver a more sustainable translations community.

App Developers

Our continued focus on encouraging and enabling application developers will continue in this cycle.


Ahmed Kamal will be continuing his Ubuntu Cloud community growth and spending a lot of time encouraging and growing a community to build around Ensemble.

A key focus in this cycle is to drive traffic, participation and discussion to cloud.ubuntu.com as a primary source of cloud information and community discussion. Ahmed will be blogging more about this soon.

Upstreams / Downstreams

Jorge Castro will continue to help grow a sustainable Unity and Ayatana community. We got off to a great start in the Natty cycle, and I look forward to seeing continued growth in the Oneiric cycle.

To be clear, I am only listing here the blueprints that my team at Canonical are working on; there are course many other wonderful blueprints that are being worked on by other teams and the community.

It is going to be an exciting cycle!


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