Every cycle we organize the Ubuntu Global Jam; an event in which our global community gets together in their local area to help make Ubuntu better. The Ubuntu Global Jam is a great opportunity to get together and meet other Ubuntu fans and contributors, make new friends in your area, and help to make the next Ubuntu release the best it can be so we can bring Free Software to the masses.

We have done a few Ubuntu Global Jams before, but for this one I want to see if we can outdo every other jam. I believe that if we come together as a community we could organize more events than ever before. If I recall, our record has been 60 events, but I think we can beat that. To do this though, we all need to organize events.

Today I talked with Randall Ross who has helped to coordinate the awesome Ubuntu Community Week this week, and he has the bit between his teeth to help drive this to success too. Randall, combined with the awesome LoCo Council and other LoCo leaders are determined to help the community get as many events organized as possible.

So, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the date of the Ubuntu Global Jam is 2nd – 4th September 2011. I am really keen that everyone has as much notice as possible to get your events ready!

The Key Global Jam Points

There is sometimes a little uncertainty about organizing and participating in Ubuntu Global Jam events. Let’s get some clarity on that right now:

  • Everyone is welcomeanyone is welcome to organize or join an Ubuntu Global Jam event. To organize an event, you just have to be in an Ubuntu LoCo Team.
  • You don’t have to be technical – Ubuntu Global Jam events attract lots of different people, and you don’t have to be a developer or technical to take part. Everyone is able to contribute to the events.
  • Events are easy to organize – all you need to do is pick a place to meet up on, agree on a date and time, and tell others about it. That’s it!
  • All LoCo teams are welcome – you don’t have to be an approved LoCo team to organize an event – any LoCo team is welcome!
  • We need everyone to participate – we need you! While we have many rocking folks in our community, we are looking for the teams who have never organized an event before to participate too!

How to organize an event

Organizing an event is simple!

  1. Check out this guide to organizing an event.
  2. Go and add your event to the LoCo Team Portal.
  3. Be sure to tweet/dent/facebook it and use the #ugj, #ubuntu, and #locoteams tags so others can see them!

To get the ball rolling, I am going to be dedicating a chunk of my videocast on Wednesday at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UTC to discussing how to get involved organizing an event, and answering questions about running events. Be there and join in the fun!

So far we have 6 events organized. Let’s get that number up. 🙂

This is going to be an awesome Ubuntu Global Jam, I can feel it. Let’s make it happen, friends. 🙂

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