Governance is a hugely important part of Ubuntu, and we have a very open and transparent governance infrastructure. Everyone on our governance boards is committed to keeping Ubuntu an open, fun, and inclusive community with a high quality of contributions. We should all be thankful to our governance community for helping with this important work.

Recently there has been some discussion about how our Ubuntu Membership and Ubuntu Developer processes work and possible areas for focus and improvements. A week ago I committed to putting together a survey to go out to Ubuntu Members and Ubuntu Developers who have applied for either Ubuntu Membership, Core-Dev, MOTU or Per-Package upload rights. I think we need some hard data in these discussions to ensure our ideas are solving problems that affect everyday Ubuntu contributors.

To do this I created two surveys; one to out to the Ubuntu Membership applicants and another to go out to Ubuntu Developer applicants. The goal of the survey is simple: to ask the people who consume these processes for feedback on their experience, what worked well, and what we can improve. If you have applied in the last few years to be a member or developer you should get an email to fill in the survey. It should only take a few minutes.

When these surveys are complete we can review the results with our governance boards and talk about areas that are working well and how we can improve other areas outlined in the surveys. I think the surveys will give us some useful strong data and help us to continue to grow and improve how we welcome new generations of Ubuntu contributors.

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