Everyone knows what Ubuntu One is, right? While you may know it as the system for syncing your files, contacts, notes, and bookmarks, and where you can buy and stream music, Ubuntu One is also a comprehensive developer platform. With it you can utilize pretty much all of these services right from your app, and Ubuntu One brings some pretty compelling opportunities to desktop, web, and mobile apps.

Didn’t know this? Well, fasten your seatbelts.

On Thursday 1st September at 7pm in Lecture Theatre C014 at Manchester Metropolitan University the ever-enjoyable Stuart Langridge will be giving a presentation about how to write applications that harness Ubuntu One. He will talk about the different APIs, how to write web, desktop and mobile apps using the technology, and the interesting ways in which Ubuntu One can empower your apps.

In addition to this there will be a chance to have a few drinks afterwards, get to know the attendees and the Manchester techn community, and have a great time.

To join, register on eventbrite and also see the lanyrd link.

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