The Ubuntu community, like many communities has different methods in which we identify and elevate the privileges of those who actively participate and contribute good work. As an example, if you do great packaging and development work, you can get upload access to the archive with MOTU or Core-Dev.

A core means of identifying such contributions is the Ubuntu Membership process. Ubuntu Members are those contributors who have made a significant and sustained contribution to the project across one or more of the many different ways you can participate (e.g. LoCo Teams, Documentation, Translations, Packaging, Testing etc).

Recently there was a little debate about some aspects of the process and how well it is functioning, and it struck me that we don’t have enough data to help get a good idea of the feedback and opinion of those folks who have been through the Ubuntu Membership process. As such, I put together a survey that went out to everyone who has applied to be an Ubuntu Member in the last few years to get their feedback. I am presenting the results of this survey today.

Generally the feedback is very positive, but there are definitely some areas where we can explore how to refine and improve the current process.

Download The Report

Tomorrow, Tues 6th Sep 2011, we have a meeting scheduled with the Community Council at 9pm UTC / 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 10pm UK / 11pm Europe in #ubuntu-meeting on freenode and we will discuss this topic there. I recommend everyone who wants to participate at the meeting downloads the report and familiarizes themselves with the findings.

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