Each week I organize a Google+ Hangout for our Canonical Community Team meeting. This regular team meeting is where we share roundtables of work each of us has been doing, sync up on projects and topics, and discuss any agenda items. We also discuss boring company topics like expense reports, booking days off work, and travel arrangements.

One piece of feedback I have seen in the recent research I have been doing with our community is that folks would like to see these weekly meetings be open, and preferably on IRC. This would help provide more transparency around the work of the team, and the meetings could be logged so people could read them later if desired.

I think this was really valuable feedback, so from next week we will be doing exactly this. From next week, our meetings will take place on #ubuntu-meeting every Tuesday at 3pm UTC. I have added the weekly meeting to the Fridge Calendar.

To be completely clear, this IRC meeting will be in the same form as the meetings we have been doing each week — it is not intended to replace the Community Council, Technical Board or other meetings — it is just a means for the team to sync up, but with the added value of the wider community being welcome to watch the session and feel free to chime in and contribute.

Look forward to seeing some of you there!

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