Our community has a wealth of experience. Different skills, capabilities, life experiences, and perspectives all contribute to a boiling pot of knowledge that when shared can help us all to do great work as part of our different Ubuntu community teams. When we can learn from each other, we can spread this experience far and wide and accomplish even more.

As part of my goal to help support and motivate leaders it struck me that we don’t have as much of this supporting documentation and best practice as we could. Our leaders and wider community should be able to have a dependable set of documentation and resources to help them grow community teams and tend to issues effectively; in essence, a shared knowledge base from the community’s combined insight.

Some years ago I created an Ubuntu wiki mini site called BuildingCommunity where we set out to document this kind of best practice. Unfortunately, like many people, I got busy with other work, as did others, and the pages have not been updated as often as I think we would have liked.

Tonight I spent some time digging through the pages and cleaning them up a little. There is some great content on there, with two particularly interesting sections I think we could expand:

  • Knowledge Base – a collection of pages, information, tips, tricks, and other guidance for common community challenges.
  • FAQ – what was intended to be a growing FAQ of common questions and answers about how to grow, manage, and coordinate a community and team.

Tonight I also created a Leaders and Governance overview which summarizes how the community is structured; this could also do with some additional content and tweaking.

I would like to put out a call to encourage folks to contribute to refining these pages, adding content, fixing errors, and otherwise helping to produce this awesome shared resource. I also talked today in #ubuntu-community-team with Amber, Greg, Benjamin and some others about how we could coordinate some more docs, such as a docs day. Would you folks be interested in taking part in a day to get this resource in shape?

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